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Need help with system integration?

Anyone determined to build a system of some sort, could be overwhelmed by the task. There may be many components that will have to interoperate with each other, both hardware and software. To integrate them into a system that works according to your wishes, may be a complex undertaking.

It could, for example, cover:

  • System design
  • Low level software implementation
  • Implementation of application protocols
  • Development of customized hardware
  • System validation
  • Test-case development
  • GUI’s
  • Etc.

National Instruments has over the past 40 years created an entire eco-system consisting of modular test systems, software development tools, instrument drivers, partner networks etc, with the goal to help companies all over the world to create their specific, customized systems.

At WireFlow we are dedicated to this eco-system, and have long experience of delivering services and systems to our clients. WireFlow is recognized as an NI Alliance Partner as well as an Embedded Specialty Partner. This means that we have the capacity to take on the complete task to deliver a fully integrated and validated turn-key system at your doorstep.

Read the case studies below about some of the integration projects that we have carried out in the past.


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Case | acticon

Acticon used products from National Instruments and services from WireFlow in order to quickly set up a data acquisition system for evaluation of ventilation products in their air and acoustic technology laboratory. 

Case | SeaTwirl

We developed a control and monitoring system for a vertical and floating Wind turbine for Deep Sea Deployment. The ambition was to provide the most cost-effective product for the production of renewable energy. 

Case | SSPA Uppgrades MDL

SSPA is a maritime consultancy company hosting unique testing facilities for physical validation of ship models.  WireFlow’s assignment were to develope the software framework controlling the hardware from National Instruments.

Case | Validation system for biometric ID CHIp

Our client needed a fast and reliable test system for both manual characterizations as well as for automatic regression testing. Together with our client, WireFlow has created a platform with the ability to adapt and scale with the company’s innovations and short development cycles.

Case | WR Controls

This case study describes how companies such as WR Controls uses products from National Instruments in order to quickly set up data acquisition systems adapted to a different test of a variety of products.

Case | SEM

SEM is one of the world’s leading producers of electronic ignition systems and engine control systems. WireFlow created a system that allows the technicians at SEM to select predefined engine cycles using a touch-screen.

Case | Production tester for Battery Management Systems

Here we had some hefty challenges to deal with, the biggest of which was a very aggressive time plan. This study describes how WireFlow could help a client by taking full responsibility for design, development and launch of a complete production test setup. 

Case | ECU Prototype Test System for Thermal Power Control

Azelio is working on new ways to store renewable energy, so it can be made available when it is most needed. They combine the well-known Stirling engine, with an innovative Thermal Energy Storage using the phase changing characteristics of a metal alloy, to recover the energy during the dark hours. During the development they needed a flexible testbed for RnD and validation.

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