Security Suite

Q: What is the difference between the WF 2007 and the WF 2008 dongles?

A: The WF2007 dongles is used for targets running LabVIEW RealTime (RT).
The WF 2008 are for targets running “standard” LabVIEW, i.e. LabVIEW for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Q: What items do I need to purchase and/or download to use the WireFlow dongles for protecting my LabVIEW application from being duplicated?

Download the WF Security dongle software package (Article no AE0011)
from www.wireflow.se/download

It contains:

a. LabVIEW Dongle Drivers.vipc. It provides VI’s that you shall embed in your application. (This software is free)
b. WF-DongleDeviceDriver. Install this on the Windows target PC’s if you use
WF 2008 dongles. (This software is free)
c. WF Security Suite Programming Application. Use this application to program your secret keys into the dongles.
(You need to buy a license to activate this application)

2. Buy a license for the WF Security Suite Programming Application
(Article no AE009) from WireFlow. You need one such license.

3. Buy some WF 2008 (Windows) or WF 2007 (RT), USB Security dongles from WireFlow. You will need one dongle for each system you want to deploy.

4. Read the document AC0045-003 WF Security Suite – Quick Guide. It gives
a short step by step instruction for how to create your security solution.


C Series modules

Q: Are the WireFlow C Series module usable in cDAQ-Systems from National Instrument.

A: At the moment the WF3132 module works on both CompactDAQ and CompactRIO. The other WireFlow C Series modules are for time being only working for the cRIO chassis, including the expansions chassis for Ethernet, EtherCAT, R Series and MXI-Express.


Q: How is the WF 3144 Resistor Emulator Module designed?

A: The module uses an array of real resistors switched with solid state relays to the desired resistance.


Q: What kind of connector are used for the WF C Series modules?

A: The WF 3144 and WF 3154 modules uses a 10-Pos Plug. You should connect a Terminal Block for 10-Pos Plug to the module. This Terminal block is included together with the module when shipped from WireFlow.

Terminal Block For 10-Pos Plug

The WF 3132 uses a standard 37-pin Dsub connector – type Plug. You should connect a 37-pin Dsub connector – type Receptacle to the module. This Receptacle is NOT included with the module when shipped from WireFlow.

37-pin dsub - type Receptacle


Q: Why is the error code -64998 reported when I try to compile FPGA code for the NI 9144 Ethernet chassis when I use WireFlow C Series modules?

A: There is a known error in the the NI driver NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT. This known error causes a compilation error when third party c-series modules are used on NI 9144 Ethercat chassis. The error code -64998 will be reported when trying to compile the code.
The plan is to fix this problem in the next release of EtherCAT (2.7). This is planned to be released in early 2014.

Until then there exist a work-around for the issue that is relatively simple:

1. Copy the file resource.xml and overwrite the existing one in \Targets\NI\FPGA\ECat\NI 9144

2. Exit LabVIEW and navigate to \Targets\NI\FPGA\bin

3. Run lvfpga_make_resource_cache.exe


Q: Can I use ScanEngine for WireFlow C Series modules?

A: ScanEngine access is not directly accessible for Third-Party modules, but it is quite easy to mix WireFlow C Series modules with other NI modules in a system and still access the NI modules in Scan Mode. Please see application note AB0005-056 AN4 Mixing WF and NI modules for a step-by-step guide how to do this.

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