Looking for LabVIEW expertise in your projects?

For a company developing products, testing and validation can feel like a secondary activity. The insight of the importance is there, but the focus and motivation are on developing, optimizing and perfecting the design of the product. Naturally. To set up an effective, scalable and configurable test environment that can follow the product roadmaps, is a challenge. If done well though, this may result in a test-platform that will grow with the company for a long time

WireFlow is at your service

The engineers at WireFlow have a long history of helping companies when they need to beef up their organization with expertise regarding the National Instruments products and development tools like LabVIEW.

Be it a short, intense re-inforcement to strengthen a specific project, or longer assignements to, for example, help a company with its strategic test platorm development and processes.

WireFlow also have NI certified professional instructors, which means that we are authorized by National Instruments to teach NI courses. We can for example give courses for your staff at your premises or any location of your choice.

Interested in WireFlow consultants? Send us a message.

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Case | Consulting at a biometric company

The customer in this study is a market leading manufacturer of biometric sensors found in millions of phones all over the world. Testing and validation were performed in an ad hoc manner, as was the implementation of the test platform.

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WireFlow is a Silver Alliance Partner
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