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We provide integration and consultancy services using our expertise in National Instruments hardware and software platforms

We are part of National Instruments Alliance Partner Network with the Electronic Design Specialty.

This means that we have been recognized for our specialized skills in custom electronics and NI LabVIEW development for embedded control and monitoring systems. We can help you build Carrier boards for NI System On Module (SOM), RIO Mezzanine Cards (RMC) for NI Single-Board RIO, C Series modules for CompactRIO, and FlexRIO adapter modules for applications that require specialized I/O, custom connectivity, or unique form factors. We are experts in designing the hardware and software required by your application.

WireFlow have certified LabVIEW instructors. We provide courses in advanced LabVIEW programming, LabVIEW RT, LabVIEW FPGA and cRIO in co-operation with National Instruments, Sweden. Please contact us or National Instruments to enroll a course.

We are constantly looking for new product ideas that complements or fill gaps in National Instruments' product offering. If you have a need for such a product then please contact us for a discussion. We can use our design capabilities to design, manufacture and maintain the product you are looking for. If the product have a very limited range of usage then we might discuss a joint-venture setup or a classical design service offer, depending on the product idea. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further discussions.

                    LabVIEW experts at your service

Case studies for some of our projects:

Control and Monitoring System for a Floating Wind Turbine

Acticon - Air and acoustic technology laboratory