WF 3132 C-Series, Multiplexer Module

The WF 3132 from WireFlow is a 32-channel Multiplexer/Matrix Switch for Compact RIO and Compact DAQ. 
It is a general purpose switch that can be used to switch almost any type of signals.
The relays have ruthenium sputtered contacts making them ideal for low current switching, but are at the same time capable of switching up to 0.5A. 

The 32 SPST reed relays can be used in multiple configurations:


                         1 x 32 (1 wire)
                         1 x 16 (2 wire)
                                  1 x 8 (4 wire)
                                  Four  banks of 1 x 8 (1 wire)
                                  4  x 8 Matrix (1 wire)

Application areas

High channel count test systems
High channel count control systems
HiL testing (Hardware in the Loop)
Production test
Galvanically isolated interfacing


 32 SPST relays

 Multiple configurations possible

 Standard 37-pin Dsub connector

 LabVIEW driver included

 Compatible with NI VeriStand


Relays                 32

Max Voltage         60VDC/30VRMS
Max Current         0.5 A

Max Power            10 W

Max Resistance     0.3 Ω

Max update rate    200 S/s

Purchase information
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Video clips
                ECU test demo