WF 2111 USB Fingerprint reader for LabVIEW

The WF 2111 from WireFlow is a USB fingerprint reader specifically made for LabVIEW applications. The CMOS  sensor delivers superior image quality with 256 gray scale values in every single programmable pixel.

Shipped with LabVIEW VI:s for capturing images and state-of-the-art biometric algorithms for enrolment and identification.

  • High quality robust fingerprint sensor
  • 3D pixel sensing technology
  • A thick, hard and scratch resistant coating
  • Can read virtually any finger; dry or wet
  • Ergonomic housing for proper finger guidance
  • Includes all hw and sw needed to get started
  • Shipped with biometric algorithms
          Application areas
  • Convenient biometric login
  • User Identification
  • Headless authentication
  • Fingerprint time keeping system
  • NI TestStand User management
  • Image size    200x152 pixels
  • Image depth    8 bit
  • USB version    2.0
  • No. of finger placements  > 10 million
  • Size    87x55x25 mm
  • Supported platforms       Windows