WF 2007, USB Security dongle for LabVIEW RT

The WF 2007 from WireFlow is a USB Security dongle for all LabVIEW RT/FPGA targets with access to an USB port. It  may be used to protect LabVIEW based systems from being  duplicated without permission, to unlock features in the software etc.
The dongle has a secure memory to hold secret keys and data. Using the supplied LabVIEW driver, the presence of a dongle with a certain key is queried using a new random challenge each time. The key never leaves the dongle, it just sends the resulting hash back to the driver. This ensures that the dongles cannot be copied or imitated. Protection against brute force attacks is guaranteed by using industry standard SHA-256 hash algorithm with 256 bit keys. This means more possible key values than there are atoms in the sun!


         Application areas
        • License Management
        • Product activation
        • User Identification
        • IP Copy Protection
        • System Feature Control
        • Serial Number Storage

• Algorithm type NIST SHA-256
• Key/data Size 256 bit
• No of keys 9
• No of data fields 3
• Prevent an application from running unless a dongle with the correct key is present 
• Dongles can be unique or substitutable
SW license is not locked to a specific  target
• Easy development using the supplied LabVIEW driver
• Easy to program new keys using the intuitive programming application