WF Security Suite, Programming Application

The WF Security Suite Programming Application from WireFlow is an intuitive PC application used to manage WireFlow’s Security Dongles for LabVIEW.

The keys and data fields of the secure memory inside the dongles can easily be programmed. The functions to load and save entire dongle setups from/to file makes the application  effective for both lab development as well as for programming dongles in volume production.

Application areas
Create a secret dongle setup
Analyze a dongle setup
• User Identification
Program dongles in volume production

• Intuitive user interface
• Creation of Asymmetric keys
• Dongle memory overview with individual comments for each key
“Write All” functionality for fast programming
• Dongle configuration file handling

Supported dongles: WF 2007, WF 2008
Operating system: Windows
Requires a license dongle to unlock all features