WF 3154 C-Series, Fault Injection Module

The WF 3154 from WireFlow is a 4-channel Fault Injection Module for Compact RIO. 
Each channel provide three solid state relays that can be used to create electrical fault conditions like:
  • Open circuit
  • Short circuit to battery
  • Short circuit to ground
Each channel has a capacity to handle signals up to 58V/2.5A. It is possible to connect channels in parallel for increased current capability.

   Application areas

        • Product safety testing
        • HiL testing (Hardware in the Loop)
        • FMEA tests
        • Fault simulation


• Four independent, galvanically isolated 
• channels
• Entirely solid-state design

 Two general purpose short circuit rails.

 LabVIEW driver included

 Compatible with NI VeriStand

Channels                   4

Max Voltage               58 V
Max current               

                                (6A peak < 100ms)

Ch. resistance             < 0.1 Ohm

Max power dissipation   1.5W/module