WF 3144 C-Series, Programmable Resistor Module

The WF 3144 from WireFlow is a 4-channel, 16 bit, programmable resistor for Compact RIO. 
The module uses an array of real resistors switched to the desired resistance with solid state relays. Each channel is galvanically isolated, making it ideal for sensor simulation.

The 16 bit resolution is non-linear with finer steps at lower resistance values. It could for example
be used to emulate a PT100 sensor with a range of 40–180Ω/-150–+200°C with a resolution of 0.1°C.

    Application areas

    • Resistive sensor simulation;

    • Pressure sensors, Thermistors, RTDs etc.

    • ATE (Automatic Test Equipment)
    • HiL testing (Hardware in the Loop)
    • Laboratory testing of electronic control units
    • Automated calibration and alignment
    • Automate manual controls


• Four independent, galvanically isolated 
• channels
• Entirely solid-state simulation
• High resolution with non-linear scaling
• Wide resistance range
• On-board calibration memory
• LabVIEW driver included

• VeriStand driver available


Channels         4

Max Voltage     60 V
Max Power       
100 mW/channel
Range             16 Ω–160 kΩ
Update Rate: 200 S/s 

Max Error          R < 1 kΩ: 0,1 %
Max Error          R < 10 kΩ: 1 %
Max Error          R < 160 kΩ: 10 %
Enhanced mode:

Max Error          32 Ω < R < 160 kΩ: 0.25 %