Our products

We provide hardware and software products that are designed to work seamlessly with National Instruments architectures.

WireQueue – Internet of Things for LabVIEW

- Are you looking for a secure way to connect to your LabVIEW RT targets over internet?

- Do you want to include your smartphone too?

WireQueue is a service for secure communication over the internet, specifically designed for LabVIEW. Your LabVIEW devices can publish and subscribe to topics containing measurement, control and alarm messages.

Visit www.wirequeue.com for more information

WireFlow Security Suite

The WireFlow fingerprint reader specifically made for LabVIEW applications. For more information watch the video.

The WireFlow security dongles makes securing your LabVIEW code as easy as locking the front door of your house. For more information read our brochure or watch the video.

The User Access Toolkit is comprehensive software allowing you to easily manage and define appropriate user access in your LabVIEW applications.

WF 2111, USB Fingerprint reader for LabVIEW

WF 2007, USB Security dongle for LabVIEW RT

WF 2008, USB Security dongle for LabVIEW

WF Security Suite Programming Application

WF User Access toolkit

C-Series modules

Our C-Series modules are to be used with cRIO chassis from National Instruments. The WF 3132 can also be used with cDAQ chassis. For more information read our brochure or watch the Get up and runinng video clip.

WF 3144, Programmable Resistor Module 

WF 3154, Fault Injection Module

WF 3132, Multiplexer Module

WF 3168, Battery Stack Monitor and Balancing Module

LabVIEW Software

Our software is used to improve the productivity for LabVIEW developers.

WireFlow Build Support

WF Progress Bar

WF Smartphone Sensor Toolkit

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