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AE0011, WF Security dongle software package, Release 1.1.1

AC0007, WF ProgressBar, v1.0.2.56

AC0021, WF 3144 Resistor emulator module driver, v2.0.1.21

AC0022, WF 3154, Fault injection module driver, v2.0.1.27

AC0023, WF 3132, Multiplexer module driver for cRIO, v1.1.0.30

AC0063, WF Error utlility, v1.0.0.8

AC0061 WF Fingerprint reader driver, v1.1.6.55

AC0061-007 WF Fingerprint reader - Windows device driver, Rev C

AC0062 User Access Toolkit, v1.1.0.71

AC0075 WireQueue driver, v0.9.0.38

AC0086 WF 3132, Multiplexer module driver for cDAQ, v1.0.3.40


AB0005-028 C-Series modules for HiL testing brochure, Rev A

AB0005-029 SW protection dongles for LabVIEW brochure, Rev A

Data sheets

AB0005-004, WF 3144 Data Sheet, Rev C 

AB0005-005, WF 3154 Data Sheet, Rev C

AB0005-008, WF 3132 Data Sheet, Rev H 

AB0005-015, WF Build Support Data Sheet, Rev A

AB0005-023, WF 2007 Data Sheet, Rev A

AB0005-024, WF 2008 Data Sheet, Rev A

AB0005-031, WF Security Suite Programming Application Data Sheet, Rev A

AB0005-039 WF 2111 Data Sheet, Rev B

AB0005-040 User Access Toolkit Data Sheet, Rev B

AB0005-050 WireQueue Toolkit Data Sheet, Rev B

User manuals

AC0007-002 ProgressBar Description, Rev A

AC0011-003 WF Build Support User's Manual, Rev A

AC0021-002, WF3144 User's Manual, Rev A

AC0022-002 WF3154 User's Manual, Rev A

AC0023-002 WF3132 User's Manual, Rev G

AC0045-002 WF Security Suite Users Manual, Rev C

AC0045-003 WF Security Suite - Quick Guide, Rev A

AC0061-004 WF Fingerprint reader Users Manual, Rev D

AC0062-002 User Access Toolkit User Manual, Rev C

AC0075-001 WireQueue LabVIEW User Manual, Rev A

AC0078-001 How to start using WireQueue, Rev A

Application notes

AB0005-006, AN1 Simulation of a temperature sensor, Rev A

AB0005-027, AN2 Simulation of operator switches in HiL applications, Rev A

AB0005-052, AN3 Remote monitoring of a floating wind turbine, Rev A

AB0005-056 AN4 Mixing WF and NI modules, Rev A

AB0005-057 AN4 Mixing WF and NI modules examples, Rev A (code example)

AB0005-058 AN5 Remote monitoring of fingerprint sensors in a climate chamber, Rev A

AB0005-059 AN6 - Breas Medical AB - WF 2111 USB Fingerprint Reader for LabVIEW, Rev A

White papers

AB0005-017, WP1 WF 3144 Enhanced Mode, Rev A 

Case studies

AB0005-068 CS2 -Control and Monitoring System for a Floating Wind Turbine, Rev A

AB0005-069 CS3 -Acticon - Air and acoustic technology laboratory, Rev A 

The WireFlow bulletin

AB0005-013, The WireFlow bulletin May 2012, Rev A

AB0005-018, The WireFlow bulletin August 2012, Rev A

AB0005-026, The WireFlow bulletin December 2012, Rev A

AB0005-032, The WireFlow bulletin June 2013, Rev A

AB0005-036, The WireFlow bulletin December 2013, Rev A

AB0005-042 The WireFlow bulletin July 2014, Rev A

AB0005-036 The WireFlow bulletin December 2014, Rev A

AB0005-051 The WireFlow bulletin July 2015, Rev A